Friday, May 16, 2014

Fly day

We leave New York this evening around 7, and there is non-stop rain in the forecast all day long. Planes used to take off in the rain, but for the last several months it seems like any little dribbles cause delays and flight cancellations. At least this time we aren't trying to make a connection; we fly to Paris and arrive around 8:30 in the morning, Saturday, and we don't leave Paris until Sunday afternoon so if the flight is delayed we'll just lose some of our brief time there. Which I would regret, but it's not the same as missing a connection.

We're in the final dash to the finish, packing and repacking and deciding what to put where. The various weather sites show such different weather forecasts it's hard to know what to plan for, but they all show significantly cooler temperatures on Santorini than (a) we'd expected and (b) I packed for. Who knew I would need exclusively long sleeve shirts and pants for a vacation to Greece. Harumph.

If possible I will post from Paris, of course. After one night/two days in Paris we have the same in Athens, so our first sticking place is Santorini. Yia sou!

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