Saturday, May 17, 2014

Paris day 1

That was the biggest airplane we've EVER been on! It had a full second floor, and from my seat by the window the wing looked like a football field. I could barely see out to the tip, and the depth of the thing made me think -- and I never think this -- about how in the world such a big airplane stays up in the air. The lift-off and the flight were so smooth it was like none of it happened, we were just magically in the air. When we were waiting to get off the plane, I could even stand up all the way, by the window! I'm so tall I usually have to crouch while I'm waiting to leave my seat.

We navigated our way to the RER and bought tickets, then transferred at the Gare du Nord for the Metro 5 to the Place de la Republique stop and found our way to our little hotel, no problem. We're staying in the Marais, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris, at a fine-enough little hotel called Le Relais du Marais, a convenient location and a teeny-tiny room. We got to the hotel at 11 but couldn't get into our room until 2 or 2:30, so despite the fact that Marc hadn't slept even a few minutes, we set out walking.

We stopped at a little cafe to sit in the sun and watch people -- and kill a little time -- and we ordered a couple of cappuccinos. TWELVE EUROS. Which, we later figured, was probably a scam. We think the waiter saw that he could probably pull something on us, so he did. That's $16.44. For two small and weak and cold cappuccinos. We decided to walk over to Notre Dame to take a look around.

detail above one of the doors
the front of the cathedral
gargoyles at the top
there it is, across the Seine

and there we are, standing in front of all the locks fastened on the railings
we sat under these beautiful trees for a while to rest our tired feet
SO many locks fastened to the rails, locks on locks. Each with lovers' names and details.
 A couple more images from our first day:

the view (to the left) from our balcony of our hotel
one of the gorgeous art nouveau metro stations -- Temple
a little Saturday market on the left bank
a fromagerie
We have reservations tonight for dinner and I imagine we'll walk around for a while. Tomorrow morning we'll walk over to a bakery, have some coffee, then we're going to the 10am Gregorian mass at Notre Dame. We'll grab some lunch then head back to the airport for our flight to Athens. Paris is just a whirlwind stop to satisfy my heart. I'm so glad to be back here, and especially glad to get to be here with Marc, to share this place that has always meant so much.


  1. See your pictures and hearing of your adventures makes my heart happy! I'm so happy you're having a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts with us. Safe travels!

    1. Thank you for this note, Faith! It's nice having you traveling along with us. xo


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